5+ Kid's Wardrobe design

Designing a Kid's room is something which is challenging at the same time an interesting part of the entire house. The design for the room and the elements in the room need to be really carefully done. As the kid spends most of the time in the room and the that is the time when they look to observe and understand things its very important to design the space properly.

They tend to grasp a lot of things in their growing age through colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Hence color plays a very important role in the Kid's room. Wardrobe design is as important in the room considering storage to keep toys etc. Also practicality of the space plays an important role. Another important factor which needs to be kept in mind is that there shouldn't be any sharp edges or things which might hurt a Kid while it is being used.

kids wardrobe with drawers kids wardrobe in white

White tone wardrobe and color pop could be an option for a Kid's Wardrobe design. Drawers play a very important role since kids often like to access the space for their toys, books, etc and would prefer them to be easily accessible. In small bedrooms having a neutral tone as white would be more preferable than using any dark colors and making a few elements pop could be a wiser option in such a scenario.

kids wardrobe in blue open shelves kids wardrobe yellow & grey kids wardrobe green & white kids wardrobe

While choosing Kids wardrobe designs it's also important to have open space in their wardrobes, not only they add to the look but also helps them for easy access. Bright colors like yellow, blue and green could be a really good choice of color combinations for a kid's wardrobe. Choosing appropriate handles is another important aspect while designing a kid's wardrobe, preferably profile handles or long handles could be a wiser option.

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