5+ foyer area design idea

The word foyer is commonly used to define an entrance hall to the living room. People use this space for multiply purposes since it’s the first impression one gets while someone is entering the house. Mirror also helps in doubling the space and makes it look bigger and wider.

So here are 6 different ways to use the foyer space efficiently and at the same time give a different look to it :

foyer mirror

#1 This kind of setup of foyer unit with a big mirror is generally done in a setup where a larger space is needed for the foyer area. Accessorization of the this kind of setup can be done using plants, hanging lamps etc.

#2 One can have this kind of floating ledge design mainly for aesthetics purpose. A ledge could be useful in many ways to keep the immediate necessary things, where as it can be accessorized with show pieces or nothing better than placing a plant.

foyer mirror with ledge and seating

#3 This kind of design with a mirror & seating is additional utility where one has limited space but also tried accommodating seating space. Seating could be the poofs available in the market (may be you can check out Homecentre for some amazing collections)

foyer with seating and storage

#4 This kind of arrangement is very common in residences which have a bigger entrance area so as to accommodate not only seating space but also storage. Storage play a very important role similarly foyer storage can be used not only for keeping shoes but also keeping sports accessories for people who go out regularly for such activities.

foyer mirror with console

#5 This is mostly done for Bungalow house or space with larger or grand entrances. The foyer can be made grand by using antiques or using art work which will not only enhance but also add a good price tag to the look.

foyer unit and mirror

#6 Designer foyer unit can be a good way of enhancing a bigger space. Choosing of appropriate units to match the area along with use of planter, mirror etc is an important part of Interior Design.

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