15+ false ceiling design idea

There are two different ways in which False ceiling can be done in the Residential Projects namely P O P ( Plaster of Paris ) ceiling is the most commonly done process for doing False Ceiling, the second method is using Gypsum Board. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. P O P ( Plaster of Paris ) is long-lasting and reasonable in terms of cost but labor is reasonably higher. Whereas Gypsum Board is easy to install but costs higher than P O P ( Plaster of Paris ) ceiling.

Gypsum Board ceilings though has easy and faster implementation techniques but in extreme temperatures, they tend to expand or contract leading to cracks in between the two board, whereas P O P Ceilings have no such complaints.

The best part of a false ceiling is any shape, size can be achieved irrelevant of type of the space. Types of light play an important role in the false ceiling, from our past projects executed we have observed that different people have a different preference about the color of light as well, whether it is a white or warm or a natural white light.

Cove add a depth to the false ceiling design, the cove light can be a white or a warm depending on one's comfort level. Wooden ceilings are also very trending these days but only as an element at certain places, since too much wooden will make a space really heavy and dark.

So here are 15+ different False Ceiling designs which can add to your room decor :


false ceiling with concealed lights


false ceiling with profile lights


designer false ceiling ideas


false ceiling designs for bedroom


false ceiling ideas with covelight


false ceiling technique


false ceiling with space for chandelier


false ceiling with cove


double cove false ceiling design


minimalist false ceiling


wooden false ceiling


false ceiling idea


false ceiling design


livingroom false ceiling idea


bedroom false ceiling idea


livingroom false ceiling design

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